I <3 Shower Fizzies

Cristina L.

I am completely in love with all the products I have purchased so far! I purchased the shower fizzies with lavender and eucalyptus. They came were just the thing I needed when I got sick a few days later. Also used them for my 8 year old daughter who was also sick and she loved them too! We are both addicted to the fizzies!

Shower Tablet = Shower Heaven

Desiree W.

I purchased the Lavender Shower Tablets to spice up my every day shower routine. I had heard how relaxing aromatherapy with shower tablets could be but experiencing it first hand was tantalizing. The tablets scent lingered in the bathroom far after my shower ended. My favorite part of this process was getting to watch my products be made live on their Instagram! I took advantage of getting the 6 tablets so that I could indulge any night of the week that I wanted. Love these products!